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Bedtime Stories for Men is a comedy series, with shades of action, satirizing typically male-oriented genres and delving into fantasy worlds. Through online webisodes, we illustrate what it would be like being a 27 year old during various periods of history. Each webisode is available for FREE. Enjoy our videos? Want to see yourself in the videos? Try our Face Swap feature. Upload an image or take a pic with your camera and see yourself in the action. Face Swap feature is $0.50 CAD per use.

A RVK Production

Historical Timeline

See what it's like being a 27 year old during various periods of history

  • 20,000 B.C.

    Happy 27th Girth Grunt

    A day in the life of a caveman on his birthday

  • 800 A.D.

    Heavy is the Head

    Being a viking may sound great, but chances are you were always looking over your shoulder

  • 1920's

    The Roaring 20's

    People were riding high and life was good

  • 1200 A.D.

    The Proposal

    In medieval times your parents were your dating app

  • 1940's

    Milk Man

    The milk man, as freindly and wholesome as the milk he was delivering

  • 1950's

    Climbing the Corporate Ladder

    Trying to advance your career was no small task in the 1950s.

  • 1100's

    Duty Calls

    When duty calls you answered

  • 1990's

    Movie Night

    Hope your favourites are in stock